Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The sounds of Spring

Happy Spring everyone.  It is going to be a crazy warm week here with temperatures over the 20's.  The snow is almost melted in our yard.  There will be no more toboggan rides.
My husband is chopping at the bit to rake the yard and pull out the lawn furniture.
It's only March 18th I said on Sunday!  It could still snow!

I noticed a few trees a budding, some plants are showing and the robins back.

 We have a family of 7 bluejays feeding from our feeders.

...and look who's back.  This year I really want it to be a year of less work and more relaxation.  We have a great camera and a tripod and I have always wanted to just sit out and capture some great shots of the many birds that feed at out feeders.

Enjoy your first day of spring.  I hope it's warm where you are.

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